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So I suppose you want to ask me what happened to you. If you could change one thing, it certainly would be just opening the front door.

Patience is known for being tired, but someday it has to happen. It's a nice sunny day outside and you're running late for your classes. What will it take you to try again today?

Content warning: this game revolves around a mental disorder.


Art by Polyvidone.

Music by Kai Engel. Tracks Oneiri, Somnolence, Harbor, MarΓ©e, Slum Canto, Passages, Anxiety and Comatose are available under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

Models and fonts by Kenney.


If you've encountered a bug or you need some kind of assistance, please use the Support link from More information section instead of reporting it in the comments section. Thank you!


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What an enjoyable way to spend an hour! 

The story was very captivating, the music was beautiful and did an excellent job complementing the current mood of the story. As someone who has dealt with similar issues, it really feels like the story comes from a place of experience, which makes it feel so much more real. 

Awesome work guys, I would love to see more games like this!

I really loved your game, thank you for making such ambient games with ambient music. Is there any more games like this?


Can't recommend something in particular, you may want to check out game tags. Itch is full of interesting indies and I'm sure you'll find something like this :)

This game was amazing! I downloaded it, because the description sorta cofuse me, so I though it would be best to just see what the game is. The soundtrack was great and I think it was one of the reasons I enjoyed the game so much, since a game's soundtrack means alot to mean when I play it. I enjoyed the art style and the way everything looks, and the best part about the game was... the gameplay and story! I loved the story and how everything plays out. The game really got me immersed into it with just how everything went along perfectely. I loved the game and gave ya'll 5 stars on the game jam, and I was wondering did the whole developing team come up with the story or just one of ya'll, because great job whoever camue up with it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The story was written by me :)

The music's really beautiful and you totally should check out Kai Engel's Bandcamp. I'm sure you'll find several albums that you'll like too!

Your welcome, and I was wondering are you'll planning to make more games like this or just more games in paticualr.

Sure, I love game making. "Games like this" is a very broad concept though and I'm not sure what you mean by that. I love games with deep meaning and rich story and I'd love to make more, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the only kind of games I can make. I want to leave some room for experiments too.

The game is very pretty. I do have a lot of criticisms on it, though. Here is my full play through here:

Hey, thanks for the video! I'm sorry you found some parts of the game frustrating. It was built within a month and it clearly could use some polishing (*cough* the alarm clock *cough*). I have a new build ready with most of the issues resolved and I'll publish it when the jam's voting is over.

Please don't blame the characters for bad wording: they're just teenagers who can't conjugate verbs (the newspaper guy's just unqualified though) :D

(Also, you appear to have misspelled agoraphobia in the video title. Or is that intentional?)

This was a really nice game to play. To see the world through somebody with anxiety disorder is both scary and gives you a new perspective on life. 

Is the game free or no?

It's name your own price, yes its free

Ok, thanks!


It doesnt work 

Any suggestions ?

I'm having the exact same problem I have no idea what to do.

Hey, can you ping me at evanescent@tuta.io? I need some info about your OS and PC to understand what's going wrong.

How do I ping you?

Do u mean that i send u an email or what?

I thought this game was absoulutely amazing. I choked up at the end. It was such a sweet yet deep story and I love it. I really love this game <3


@gamejamcurator- i agree with ya- this is very well done and even as a individual that doesn't have this mental disorder. made me fully understand and create empathy for individuals who are suffering from it! i think thats what makes games more of impact as a medium because puts the player in the shoes of the narrative thats being to0ld and have to interact versus other forms like books,movies, etc. @gamejamcurator dude read article and perfect explanation as well!

Check it out


Things are deep I don't think I fully grasp the idea. To me the illness seems like social anxiety which I suffer from but, that might not be the case. I see some procrastination but, that might be a side effect or just my thought process. All in all this is a great game that makes you think!

Thank you.


I myself am an agoraphobist and I must say that you have put it perfectly to the point. Not only did you spotlight the symptoms pretty much, but you also showed the struggles with the social environment... As an agoraphobist one often feels abandoned or simply afraid that one will not have any friends or acquaintances anymore because one feels not able to participate in their lives. But you also showed off the hopeful side of this psychological battle. The support of really good friends, the little bright spots... The ending was just fantastic... So, let me thank you for this game. I felt enormously understood and was just glad that somebody put this mental disorder into a game. Thank you, really. I hope that through my article as well as the playthrough video, more people will feel addressed and try out your game, because I think you built a tremendous empathy base for agoraphobia here... <3 You are an amazing person.

Best wishes,


Hey Sebastian, thank you so much for the response and especially the article. I loved it to bits, I even caught myself smiling for a minute while reading it :)
It always warms my heart a little when someone describes their experience. I'm happy you found it worthy <3

Not at all what I was expecting. Great story and development. I especially like the part with the chair on Tuesday. 


This game is so well made! A game everyone should place and experience! 


Hey Brandon! Thank you so much for reviewing this :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though this is not the kind of games you usually play on your channel

(1 edit) (+1)

Words can not describe what a wonderful game this was. The background music and the general atmosphere really had me as one with this game. 11/10 I most definitely recommend.

edit: Oh my, the ending is truly incredible and so wholesome; I am moved. I have nothing bad to say about this game. It was an absolute wonder.

Thank you for your support and such kind words :)


Wow, I loved it. It's so beautiful and moving, and it perfectly transmits what is like to have to deal with agoraphobia, anxiety and depression. Totally recommended.

I'm glad it resonated with you, thanks!


Besides the object hunting , this is really great! The apartment feels both cozy and confining, the story is engaging and some of the interactions are really nice! The mental health themes hit pretty close to home for me, which is why I love playing games like these. But some of the arbitrary item hunting got really annoying, especially the clean up, mostly because there was so little player direction. Overall, worth playing!

Thank you for your review and time to play this! I really appreciate it :)